105,00 ZAR each

The Songs of Creation Part 1

Beloved the Creator of the Universe is pulling back the curtain of Divine Mystery for us ever so slightly to reveal to our human minds things far too wonderful for even angels to comprehend. When the presence and the glorious essence of the Creator were revealed, pure praise resonated spontaneously in all of heaven and from all creation. In these moments all creation became an orchestra and all living things a symphony, responding in perfect harmony to the movement of the Divine Maestro's Unveiled Hand. The sounds that came forth were not songs or music as we understand them in this world, they are something else, something indescribable in human language, it is the songs of creation. As our active involved Creator move in powerful and amazing artistic actions it is called "bara" - which is to create in a way an artist or sculptor creates. There were first a roughing-in with bold strokes and then a finishing out with the finest of precision and detail. Heaven and earth tangibly touched and out of their union, creation as we know it burst forth. Listen to the songs of creation and discover the song that was breathed in you...


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