The great unslaught on spearpoint leaders

I have never seen or experienced before such an great onslaught on the spearpoint people as in this very season.



God says reach out and refresh your leaders, mentors, trailblazers, pioneers & forerunners. To refresh is give or provide new strength or energy and to reinvigorate.

Sweet friendships refresh the soul and awaken our hearts with joy, for good friends are like the anointing oil that yields the fragrant incense of God’s presence Prov 27:9 Transition does not happen without God depositing something in His people. I believe He is directing now more than ever - to become one body - the outpouring of His compassion & love is the unbreakable bond that will pull us and keep us as one.

God Himself is the one who cares for His own. Although we are a Bride we are divided in so many parts. He wants us to function as one. Jesus said: Do not be afraid; only keep on believing in Me and My power. Taking the child’s hand, He said tenderly to her, Talitha kum.. I say to you, get up Mark 5:36, 41. And she awaked from the dead!

We are being kept so busy with our own challenges, our own survival, our own needs - that we do not perceive that those who always made a way for us is under great attack - but remember we are so strong as the weakest link amonst us and when the spearpoint fall the whole movement and momentum is stopped.

Every one in some SEASON will need an ONESIPHORUS to be generous in love and compassion. The Lord grant mercy to the house of Onesiphorus, for he often refreshed Paul and was not ashamed of his chains; but when he was in Rome, he eagerly searched for him and found him.. 2 Timothy 1:16-18.

The Apostle Paul was in damp, cold prison in Rome, soon to be executed by Nero. So many had deserted Paul, even his closest associates and friends, not wanting to associate with him in his current imprisoned status. It was during this dark time of loneliness, discomfort and discouragement for the aging apostle that God used a worthy man - a disciple named Onesiphorus from Ephesus to provide strength and renewal for Paul. His name means profit bringer. It is said that he he was one of the 70 and was also an apostle.

When almost everyone deserted Paul, Onesiphorus came from Ephesus who made it his business to go out of his way to diligently seek for Paul, at great personal risk to himself, because Nero was severely persecuting Christians using them for ghastly entertainment in the Coliseum or burning them as torches at night in the city.

But Onesiphorus often refreshed a weary Paul while in his chains. He had a rare character showing hospitality, kindness and impeccable character to his friend Paul who was in the midst of severe trials and affliction.

Refreshing is a true sign of friendship. The word in the Greek means to brace up or revive by fresh cool air, providing great relief. He did this so his friend could go on with new strength and new perspective.

He had been blessed by Paul's ministry, and now returned the blessing. And this released a generational blessing upon the house of Onesiphorus. He was a disciple that Paul treasured and would value eternally.

This ministry of refreshment is so powerful. Everyone is going to need an Onesiphorus at some very critical and challenging season in his or her life and ministry. They will be of such rare character and have such a heart of determination and sacrifice to be a blessing and ministry of refreshment that God will release a powerful blessing upon that disciple and his family.

Lord, send forth the Onesiphorus ministers of refreshing to your people who are going through severe challenges and trials in this season. And may an incredible generational blessing come upon them for their heart of obedience.

Yes, my brother, my sister enrich their souls in the Lord—refresh their hearts in Christ! Phil 1:20

For He leads me into a banquet room and looks at me with love. Strengthen me with raisins and refresh me with apples because I am weak from love. His left hand is under my head. His right hand caresses me. Get up, my true love, my beautiful one and come with Me. My beloved is mine, and I am His. He is the one who grazes his flock among the lilies Song of Songs 2:4-6, 13, 16

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