Two pathways

Beloved in every choice me make - in every stage of our lives - there is two pathways to take..



One pathway our King prophetically assures us, will lead to a life of unfathomable blessing and ever-growing shalom and promises to establish our lives as a fountain of blessing not only for ourselves and our families, but for everyone we need to reach out to.

The other pathway, He prophetically warns us, will lead to a life of perpetually chasing after the wind, of miserable failure after miserable failure, and of ever-intensifying despair – and promises only a swirling vortex that relentlessly drags our lives – and the lives of those we love – downward toward to spiritual wastelands.

The first pathway is the everlasting King’s pathway. If we choose that pathway, it is His will that will determine our every step, and the King of kings glory that will be the reason behind everything we do. It is well-lit, and its boundaries are clearly defined, but it is a pathway of surrender..

The second pathway is the way of the Runaway Bride. It is for self-willed souls who do not want the Lord or anyone else, for that matter telling them what to do, where to go, or how to live. It is not really a pathway at all, but a vast no-man’s land, like an unmarked outback. It is dark and shadowy, it has no boundaries. It seems to offer many things that look like exciting trails one could follow although none really lead anywhere, it is just about the now. The choice of which trail to pursue is believed to be man’s alone - convinced that in this dire season in our world - is the time to focus only on ourselves and our rest, our own desires, our own needs, our own preservation and our own pleasure.

Yes, there is seasons for everything and there is also times for self-care & rest. But if we look at the statistics of today we see more people without any hope, food, shelter & work; the uprising of violence, hate & plunder; the increasing death toll, suicides & domestic violence and continuous natural disasters.

The world is groaning for the sons of God to arise

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