The Glory Realms of God

The Glory Realms of God

Let us focus our eyes on heavenly things that are above and align our spirits with destiny, purpose and mission! Are we really fixed on the prophetic declarations of the Divine Bridegroom that is spoken over us?

We are called to bring the majesty of our King into a world overrun with vulgarity. We are called into the Beauty Realm:

Introduce the Beautiful Visions, Beautiful Perspectives, Beautiful Words, Beautiful Artistry, Artisanship, and Avodah, Beautiful Reactions, Responses and Behaviors, Beautiful Chen/grace, Shalom, and Ahav/love.

Let us choose to be more selfless, patient, filled with the redemptive and restorative covenant love of the Lord. Let us unfold the Beauty Realm into this world where ugliness, short sightedness, overreaction, narcissism, jealousy, impatience and hate run amok.

We are called to bring hope to the hopeless, help to the helpless, water to the thirsty, bread to the hungry, healing to the broken-hearted, freedom to the captives, release to the prisoners and light to those engulfed by darkness.

We are being trained now more than ever by the Master how to release His Beauty with everlasting effect - instead of coming in like a wrecking ball, declaring a holy war & causing more brokenness.

The Lord had delivered the tablets of testimony into Moses hands and send him back to the Camp of the Redeemed. His face-to-face encounter were in a domain of breath-taking majesty that made Moses face shone as a bright light. True encounters with God transforms us to humble holiness, gentle wisdom, irrepressible joy, long-term perspective and sweet shalom that transcends human understanding. Moses had to come from the Beauty Realm of the King - to where the atmosphere reeks with the stench of the idols of golden calves, fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good & evil, folly, over-reaction, anger, outrage, disgust and vengeance were celebrated. Where philosophy, ideology & man-made religion are masquerade as virtue - where judgmental opinions strut around like peacocks and charge at anyone who disagrees with them like a enraged bull.

Pull down the Beauty Realm into your place of dwelling, your sphere of influence and release the Beauty of God. It is not how high one flies, but with what level of gentleness, patience and grace we deliver the precious heavenly cargo and how we manifest the presence of God.

The Creator’s great dream of redemption for mankind and the restoration of His Creation will be done. His plans for us to build a Kingdom-Of-Heaven-Scented Society on earth will go forward. Our Bridegroom-King is seeking a way through us to establish this, together for good for those who love Him, who are called according to His Purpose. It is just Who He is. To Him all the GLORY!

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