Stay the course

Stay the course

Stay the course is a phrase used in the context of a war or battle meaning to pursue a goal regardless of any obstacles.

The Hebrew word tetzaveh speaks of a process of an eternal covenant - it is like a man who bows in submission before the Lord that becomes permanently connected to a place of revelation and inspiration. We must position ourselves in His breath to hear, listen and obey His Divine Plans. God laid the foundation of this bedrock truth through relationship between Himself and us which is based upon yada – intimate knowledge gained through personal encounter and experience.

The Wisdom of the Lord make sure that whatever deviations occur from the Word or the Way, His Will will still be accomplished. When we abide in Him we are following the optimal path that will lead us from where we are now -> to where the will of God - will take us as on a straight line. But along the way, there will be obstacles, distractions, challenges of terrain & environment, fatigue, failure of passion and perseverance. These things will result in course deviations - departures from the line. But because we are positioned in submission and love, we will choose to constant allow Him to bring us back with course corrections.

The meaning of the word tzav is to attach, or impute, righteousness to something. God alone attaches, imputes righteousness. It cannot be earned. It cannot be deserved. The actions we do are covenant confirming actions, they are not sufficient in them self. God give us passageways, portals through which we are invited to receive further revelation and inspiration. As and to the extent we prove faithful in small things, He will entrust greater, more weighty things to us. The secret things – the things done in the spiritual realm beyond our field of sight as we follow His instruction.

God’s words, are always given in season, key in on specific issues, challenges, people, passages and landmarks that He foreknows we will encounter in season.

He is not only giving us strategically signs to provide direction, but actually provide divine strength & wisdom within us to accomplish the task. If the Will of God is like a magnet, the Words of the Lord are like metal arrows that are pulled towards the bulls eye of divine purpose. He is working all things together for those who love Him, who are called according to His Purpose Rom 8:28.

For every deviation from His divine plans, He has designed both a covering protocol, a recovery and restoration protocol.

Beloved not matter what stay the course - Give God the right to direct your life, and as you trust Him along the way you’ll find he pulled it off perfectly! He will appear as your righteousness, as sure as the dawning of a new day. He will manifest as your justice, as sure and strong as the noonday sun. Quiet your heart in His presence and pray; keep hope alive as you long for God to come through for you Psa 37:5-7

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