Prophetic words by Ruach,

Please consider the following when reading the Prophetic Words

The prophet is the voice or speaker of or for God.  His words are not the production of his own spirit, but come from a higher source.  For he is at the same time, also, a seer, who sees things that do not lie in the domain of natural sight, or who hears things which human ears do not ordinarily receive.  True prophets declare the words which the Lord has spoken to them that did not originated in their own reflection or  is this prophecy the product of their own feelings, fears or hopes,  it has divine given by God.  God has spoken to the prophet and the prophet has seen that which he prophesies.  He can also “see” words with his inner eyes Isa_2:1.  he is the speaker of Yahweh (nābhı̄'), or the mouth of the Lord  Eze 7:1 with Eze 4:16.  Under these conditions he then regards it as absolute compulsion to speak (Amo 3:8).  The words burn in his soul until he utters them (Jer 20:7, Jer 20:9).


The divine power, which comes over a human being and compels him to see or to hear things which otherwise would be hidden from him, is called expressive of inspiration.  The Spirit of God comes over someone (Num 24:2); or has fallen upon him (Eze 11:5); or  the hand of Yahweh has come over him and laid hold of him (2Ki 3:15; Eze 1:3; Eze 3:14, Eze 3:22; or that the Holy Spirit has been put on him as a garment, and incorporated in him (1Ch 12:18; 2Ch 24:20); the Spirit of revelation has permanently descended upon him (Num 11:25; 2Ki 2:15; Isa 11:2; Isa 61:1); or that God has given this Spirit of His (Num 11:29; Isa 42:1); or pours Him out upon man Joe 2:28 .  By this divine inspiration; this individuality cooperates in the formal shaping of that which has been seen and heard.  As a rule the inspiration that takes possession of the prophets is evidenced also by an exalted and poetical language, which assumes a certain rhythmical character, but is not bound to a narrow and mechanical meter.  The form in which the prophet gives expression to his word of God is determined by his personal talents and gifts.  Therefore you as the reader may not add nor change these prophetic words in any way.


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